+92 21 111 BUNKER (286537)
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+92 21 111 BUNKER (286537)
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•Faisal Marine Oil Services (Pvt) Ltd. (FMOSPL) was established in 1966.

•We have a dedicated and well-trained staff of over 15 people, serving our clients
round the clock, 24/7, 365 days a year.

•We have 3 Furnace Oil Barges with a combined capacity of 1800 Mts approx.

•And we have 2 Diesel Oil Barges with a combined capacity of 300 Mts.

•We have imported a tanker from Japan in October 09, with a capacity of 1200 Mts, for our groundbreaking launch of 380cSt.  With this tanker we have become the only supplier of IFO 380cSt in Pakistan in collaboration with the refinery Byco Petroleum Pakistan Limited, thus providing the much sought and long demanded bunker grade.

•FMOSPL also collaborated with Total Pakistan in mid 2008 and is working to develop the marine lube market.

•We are the sole distributor of ‘Lubmarine’ products in Pakistan.

•We have gained significant grounds in this regard & Shell Pakistan has also joined us in supplying marine grades of lubricants.

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